RE: [beagleboard] Devkit and MMC partition issues

I have two computers. A linux box, and windows box. When I follow the
format procedure (
LinuxBootDiskFormat) everything works fine on the linux box, but if I
plug the card into my windows box sometimes I can only see the fat32
partition, while other times I see garbage. I've found that if I can
see the files in windows then my DevKit8000 board will boot up, but if
I see garbage I don't see anything. Has anyone else experienced this?
Any suggestions?

Hi Dave,

Per default Windows only support one partition on a removable drive. In case
the drive contains multiple partitions Windows will only show the first
partition of the drive.

It's however possible to make Windows accept removable drives with multiple
partitions by changing the driver in order for Windows to thing the drive is
local and not removable. In this case, take special care not to remove the
device straight after a write to it and disable "write caching" in order to
try to ensure the data is written to the drive as fast as possible. You
won't get the "Safely remove option" in the System Tray for a local drive as
you get for a removable drive.

Information about making Windows accept multiple partition drives can be
found at:

I have had it running, and found it's working although I wouldn't recommend
the approach unless you really need to access a second partition from within

With respect to the card sometimes showing up as garbage, I have sometimes
seen this problem when trying to use a SDHC (4GB-32GB card) in a SD (<=2GB)
only card reader. Sometimes it seems to work - others it's causing strange
results => Conclusion: Don't do this :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you a little forward - Good luck