RE: [beagleboard] Use PRUSS to measure Linux's realtime behavior

From: [] on behalf of Ronny Meeus []
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2013 1:41 PM
Subject: [beagleboard] Use PRUSS to measure Linux's realtime behavior


I want to use the PRUSS to measure the realtime behavior of Linux in different configurations. Some examples:
- the pruss generates periodically interrupts that are "acknowledged" by the Linux SW. The pruss measures the delay and variation of the reaction time of the Linux code.
- Linux generates periodically triggers to the pruss, which measures the delay between 2 events and keeps the largest,smallest and average value.

In this setup the beaglebone can be used to get a view on the Linux's behaviour in different configurations, like with and without RT patch, when using Xenomai, under >load or when running IDLE etc.

Is such code already available somewhere or does somebody have good references to examples that I can use to get started.

Please note that I have no experience with writing SW for the PRUSS.


That's a really neat idea.

Some links: