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I’m having problem connecting my beaglebone black using the usb cable to my laptop after i chnage the uEnv txt file?
How do i solve it?

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Change it back...

If you have a usb-serial adapter cable you could debug it.

If you can't get access... reflash...



May i know how to reflash it?
Because i try pluck my beaglebone black with my usb cable, it don’t detect it anymore.



Thank you for your answer!

One more question to ask you.

I connect my BeagleBone to my windows laptop and i run putty the cmd which is

root@beaglebone: apperar

after which i retrieve the sensor value using the code which is :

for sensor in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1//_input; do echo -n "$(basename $sensor): "; cat $sensor; done

the value I retrieve is

lux1_input: 121
humidity1_input: 58476
temp1_input: 25297
pressure0_input: 99590
temp0_input: 250

How do I save this in a text file on my windows laptop instead?

No one has really answered this question. As there is NOT one answer..
It's trivial.

Pick a transfer protocol, "any" protocol.

Then make it work.


Darn, i give up on finding cobol examples..

Just fire up apache2, copy file to /var/www/ and download with your

easy peasy...


Hmmm, i did try this code

for sensor in /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1//_input; do echo -n "$(basename $sensor): "; cat $sensor; done > C:\Users\student.CNG-HP640-03\Desktop\SensorData\Sensor.txt

it didn’t have any error but it doesn’t update my txt file.

Humm... Do you see why that didn't work?

Unless you "mount" "C:\Users\student.CNG-HP640-03\Desktop\SensorData\"
on your BBB, that ">" just aint going to work.

I'm sorry, you should at-least take a Computer Science 101 course.

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