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Are you a UT student? Can you copy when you ask me support questions? I hope this doesn't embarrass you in any way as that is not my intention. My time is quite limited and I use the mailing list to archive my answers to questions so that I don't need to answer them repeatedly.

If you are not part of the UT challenge, my extra apologies that I did not remember what activity we are working on together.

From: Jack Yen []
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 1:11 AM
To: Wicks, Cathy; Kridner, Jason
Subject: Re: Error during reflash


I proceeded without issuing that command now my bootloader seemed to
have messed up.
All i'm getting from terminal is the 40W and nothing else. I'm unable
to issue any command at the moment.

[Jason K] is a popular solution.

If you have a bootable SD card image, you shouldn't need to do any recovery. Hold down the USER button during reset to make sure the SD card boot is attempted before any bad image on the flash. If you are using the code from - challenge, that SD card image is bootable. Remember, you'll want to stop the boot so that you can update the flash and finish execution of the boot.


I received the board this monday and now I have some time to play
around with it.
I'm trying to reflash the board but when I'm issuing the command

fatload mmc 1 82000000 mlo

I receive the following error, I'm not sure what's causing it

** Unable to read "u-boot.bin" from mmc 1:1 **

[Jason K]

Did you execute 'mmc init' first? What response did you get? What instructions are you following?

Any advice would help,

Jack Yen

[Jason K]

Hope this helps!


i also got the board recently. n i am tryin to make the boot image on a new MMC card.
i copied the MLO file, uboot.bin(from mkimage) and uImage to the FAT partition. however the board doesnt read from MMC when i turn it on.are there any other files that have to be copied onto the board.