RE: Getting Started with Beaglebone/Seth


My name is Seth. I have had this book for some time now. I am just getting around to using it more. Page 41 is the specific place I would like to start.

There are six items the book lists to have fun with a lamp.

  1. BBB
  2. 5V DC power supply
  3. Ethernet cable
  4. PowerSwitch Tail II
  5. Hookup Wire
  6. Lamp

Now, with that stated here, I would like to know exactly what some of these items are and how I can find them.

I have done some mild research on these items and I keep getting the same responses. “Do you mean tail? AWG?” Oh and the 5V DC power supply is of what type? Is it for me connecting my BBB or is it for another source? I know I should read on and know more but this list is odd to me because of the responses I am getting upfront.

So…where can I get a PowerSwitch Tail II, some reliable “hook-up wire,” and where can I get this 5V DC power supply?

If you have time to read this short, please reply if you have time.



P.S. I have a BBB and I cannot revise the new revisions. I have had complications on my last 12 installs for the new REV.

Google “Beaglebone Getting Started”

BTW: There are lots of ‘books’, what is the title of yours ?

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Adafruit sells the powerswitch tail for $26:

I believe I’ve seen it on Amazon for a bit more.

Adafruit also sells a 5v power supply.

You can find 5v power supplies lots of places.