re: GNU linux 5.x and changes to the device tree sources


I have been told to stay indoors for 12 weeks. So I decided to learn the AM355x, Linux and C++ and sort out some code that is well past its sell by date.

This is for a clinical project I am doing

My board is a hacked beaglebone black, it has a real time clock, a SPIO to drive a FT800 based LCD display, an I2C to drive some instruments. All has worked for years but the software was really bad so I decided to make my own, since I have time on my hands. The last programming I did was in 1999 which was in Pascal.

Last week I learned to use Buildroot, made a new beaglebone black Linux, and then started to update my patches.
C++ is coming along nicely, as it doesn’t completely crash your PC like it did 25 years ago. (so far so good)

HDMI used on the regular board will interfere with my use of SPI0. Easily done with a patch. The old blackbone source, had a source called boneblack.dts which had the HDMI pin definitions in it. Now there is a problem with recent blackbone device tree sources, to tidy things up they have moved the definitions over from the DTS to a new DTSI.
The old Linux had a DTS like this: