RE: I need help compiling my C code on the BeagleBoard-C5...I broke the NAND flash boot up...

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your quick response, but I have gotten myself into bigger problem. I deleted the NAND flash boot and other files…So now I can’t even boot from my SD card, even when I push and hold the user button. Even the 2 USER LED’s do not ever light up…

To anyone how can help me,

Is there a way to boot directly from the SD card without going through the NAND at all, because the user bottom is not heling, should I re-flash the NAND, what image or u-boot (X-loader) should I download?

I have a XDS510 USB JTAG POD (14pin-not keyed),is that the correct JTAG for the Beagleboard and what flash downloader software tool do I need to flash the NAND, is it UniFlash V3.1 ?

I remember on the BeagelBone Black I moved the 100K Ohm resistor R68 to R93 and forced the board to always automatically boot from the SD Card. Is there something I can change on the BeagleBoard hardware schematically to do the same ?


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