Re:No sound from BeagleBoard xM


My BeagleBoard xM has been installed with Ubuntu 10. All the functions
seem okay except the audio. I have tried Alsaplayer’s mixer and
player, however the BeagleBoard is always dead silent.

“Audio does not yet work on beagleboard XM.” was indicated in this
I wonder how about the audio of xM today. Is there a patch available? ------------

I adjusted the levels that that site mentions but still no sound.
It also says “To get pulseaudio working, a configuration file needs to be created and added to /usr/share/alsa/cards.”
What should this configuration file look like / contain? From installing Ubuntu I’ve got about 50 .conf files in there.

I didn't install any additional drivers and didn't change any
pulseaudio settings, just used the alsamixer. Installed Maverick as
per instructions at:,
and also made xM A3 specific changes.