RE: Rogers LTE Rocket stick with Beaglebone Additional Info

I am still working on the problem but realized I had left out some information.

I am using Kernel version 3.2.18, which apparently supports Sierra Wireless natively.

Here is the result of:

root@beaglebone:~# dmesg | grep sierra

[ 13.451019] sierra 1-1:1.0: Sierra USB modem converter detected

[ 13.543853] sierra 1-1:1.1: Sierra USB modem converter detected

[ 13.568939] sierra 1-1:1.2: Sierra USB modem converter detected

[ 13.630859] sierra 1-1:1.3: Sierra USB modem converter detected

[ 13.670654] sierra 1-1:1.4: Sierra USB modem converter detected

[ 13.765991] usbcore: registered new interface driver sierra

[ 13.766021] sierra: v.1.7.16:USB Driver for Sierra Wireless USB modems

[ 13.787384] sierra_net 1-1:1.7: wwan0: register ‘sierra_net’ at usb-musb-hdrc.1-1, Sierra Wireless USB-to-WWAN Modem, 8e:93:7b:5f:01:07

[ 13.787506] usbcore: registered new interface driver sierra_net

I also found some references to file “/etc/network/interfaces” which doesn’t seem to exist (anymore ?)

There must be a .conf file somewhere that configures ETH0, Bluetooth, etc, but I don’t know what it is.

Can anyone help out here ??


From the errors looks like you are missing packages on your bone again.

If a command can not be found, the package is not installed or the
package you installed is broken.

I honestly would ditch Ubuntu, Angstrom, OE, Yocto in favor of Arch Arm
Linux. You will find it much easier to setup configure AND most
importantly keep it up to date with the Upstream's way they want it
packaged. No more Angstrom/Yocto/OE/Ubuntu layers of what is in my
opinion crap that is not needed.

You obviously are still making security devices just like the gumstix
days, why in the world would you not want to actually have vanilla
packages AND the most current packages for everything.

Just my .02 and FYI the most current Kernel for Arch does support your
stick with nothing else needing to be done, but configure it to connect
to the AP of your choice.

Probably good advice J

Here is what I don’t understand. Obviously something is configuring ETH0 to use DHCP so where is the config file that does this ??

If I am remembering Ubuntu properly

vi /etc/network/interfaces

will have stuff like

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

and so on.

That’s the problem. There is no “/etc/network/interfaces” file L

Your idea is looking better and better J

Were you ever able to get this working? I have a similar application in mind.

Short answer. No L

Good news. Rogers also has a version of the Rocketstick that is basically a self contained hub.

So that is what I will most likely use if the project ever goes ahead.