RE: The Spec. Sheets for Privileged and Unprivileged...


I have been reading the unprivileged specification sheet. Is this RISC-V spec. sheet for unprivileged use a warning of what not to do?


P.S. I am on Chapter Two and working through it slowly. I will get to the shorter, privileged spec. sheet soon. If anyone here knows of what I am describing, please share, yell, or empower my mood towards the BeagleV.

The SiFive U74 cores in the StarFive SoC implement RV64GC. The core
also implements the privileged spec which allows it to run a full OS
like Linux where there is a distinction between M-mode (machine mode)
and S-mode (supervisor mode). I recommend checking out this talk
about SBI: SBI is the
interface between the bare-metal mode and the OS kernel.

Also, while the specifications can be useful to read, I highly
recommend the RISC-V Reader:

There is a PDF available here:


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Hello…thank you. I appreciate your quick reply. I will look over the links to better associate BeagleV w/ RISC-V specs. and the SBI.

I am glad you all are paying attention to new set up chips for your open source platforms.


P.S. Although I may never use one in real time w/ machinery or machine learning or AI (etc), my hobby has brought me this far. I plan on keeping it. If I am not picked to test the hardware/software, I will stay patient for the community testing board to populate the national stores. I basically started when the BBB 2GB versions came out. I was a couple years late on in that respect. “There is always catch up work to perform.”


I just got my hands on the RiscVBook. Thank you.


P.S. There is nothing like advancing before the actual release date. Oh and I found on the #beagle channel on Freenode that there is a U74 chip on the board you all are producing w/ StarFive and Seeed and it has a datasheet. phew…here it is: SiFive U74 Manual: 20G1.03.00 ( .

Anyway, the more I read and the more I configure things, the more support I can provide to this BeagleV support. So, w/out further ado, off to look up the other resources and peripherals on the board.


If you are into cameras and tech, I found a neat short on specific CSI-2 tech. here online: .

It seems there are many, different cameras one can purchase to handle this tech. “The more, the merrier!”


Hello Mr. Drew,

Seth here. I found some nice articles, well .pdf files, and some video w/ a ‘well known’ communication person. He discusses busybox, buildroot, and other things like QEMU for adapting Linux in 45 minutes, give or take, on RISC-V.

The fellow even talks about the BeagleV and what it may offer for a bit.