RE: The uEnv.txt File and Changing to "Have Full Control"


How would I set “uenvcmd” to have full control?


P.S. I am asking because I set up a PWM script from an Adafruit software thing to run a Python program to fade a Diffused LED. I am getting some errors. The command line returns a RuntimeError. When I enable all comments in the /boot/uEnv.txt file, I get a system that is unresponsive when I reboot or shutdown and then boot.

Hello Again,

Maybe some extra input would help. I get RuntimeError: Problem with the Cape Manager, when I run:

import Adafruit_BBIO.PWM as PWM
import time

red = "P8_13"
green = "P8_19"
blue = "P9_14"

PWM.start(red, 0)
PWM.start(blue, 0)
PWM.start(green, 0)

def fade(colorA, colorB, ignore_color):
PWM.set_duty_cycle(ignore_color, 100)
for i in range(0, 100):
PWM.set_duty_cycle(colorA, i)
PWM.set_duty_cycle(colorB, 100-i)

while True:
fade(red, green, blue)
fade(green, blue, red)
fade(blue, red, green)

I have set cape_enable=bone_capemgr.enable_partno= to enable.


P.S. If you know of what mistake I am making in my setup of the BBB with regards to the Cape Manager, please try to explain or I will keep trying (as usual). Cool!


I found PWM(1A, 2B, 2A) to be well suited for the software on this discussion/question in the cape_mgr on my BBB. This is what I mean. I installed those PWM pins at cape_enable=bone_capemgr.enable_partno= to make it cape_enable=bone_capemgr.enable_partno=PWM1A, i.e. and etc. There is only one section listed for me to enable these pins.

I need three PWM pins available to run this software.


P.S. Any advice will be okay. I am going to try and run slots to see if I can add some PWM pins.

I get an error when I run slots:

sudo sh -c “echo ‘PWM1A’ > /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots” is what I type in to get the new pin configured. My error is as follows: sh: echo: I/O error.


P.S. I am beat for now. I will get back to everyone soon.