RE: TI OMAP DSP in Open Community

Hi Simon,

From: Simon Pickering []
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 7:47 PM
To: Syed Mohammed, Khasim
Cc: 'Tuomas Kulve'
Subject: RE: TI OMAP DSP in Open Community

Hi Khasim,

I was bit busy with other tasks on Beagle, didn't get time to reply - sorry about that.

I've thought of something else that would be useful.

We were talking about examples and documentation, it would be very useful to
have some explanation for the various specialised features of the DSP
instruction set. A very basic one would be MACs and dual MACs - it would be
good to see some sort of comparison of the sorts of code that one might be
able to implement as MAC operations, and how much of a speed improvement one
gets using this method (this particular example is touched upon in spru376,
but there are doubtless others), perhaps compared to the way such code might
be implemented on a GPP such as the ARM (to help those porting from one to
the other).

This should be really useful for any new DSP programmer. Let me know if I can be of any help to you in this process.

MAC is a simple one (or at least one I've learned about now), but something
that would be of interest is the different addressing modes that the DSP
supports - what uses do these have, etc. This would give inexperienced DSP
programmers some ideas as to how to implement efficient code on the DSP
(probably adapted from code targeted at the ARM).



I am in the process of gathering data on similar lines will get back to you on this. I have also looped in Beagle Discussion list for more thoughts and support.

Thanks for you support.