Read battery any system voltage from PMIC

Wouldn’t have been great if the designer of the BBB hooked up the MUX OUT pin from the PMIC to one of the upper ADC channels on the AM335x?
That way we could programmatically read the battery, system, AC and USB etc. voltage.

Are you requesting a feature change or just being critical?


points finger at Gerald

While on the subject though. If it was so simple for the “designer” to implement this. It must be super simple for the end user to make / place a single jumper wire ?

Just making a simple observation. I know hindsight is 20-20.
Continuous improvement is a great thing.


Continuous improvement is a great thing. Improvement is also subjective.If I were to put all improvements in that everyone has mentioned over the years, the board would cost $100 and 90% of those improvements would be used by 2% of the users. If the need is great, I attempt to add features as the production and release cycles permit.


Not only that ( what Gerald says above ) K.I.S.S comes into play here big time. If you actually could implement all these cool features for free hardware wise. At some point you’re going to overwhelm yourself trying to make all this work. Which is to say, maybe the board never makes it to the public, or does make it to the public but at a much later date. Or maybe the hardware is glitchy, prone to crashing, etc.

I think the beaglebone black is great, especially for the hobbyist, and in the context of this discussion. Is potential for someone to learn. Which is what I understand “beagle” is all about. Learning.

I would not expect them to turn a new PCB just for this mod (yes I know how much that would cost) but I would expect them to at least put it in the que when (or if) another turn is ever done.
It is just one trace on the PCB and a zero cost adder.
It was nice the battery connections were at least brought out to test points, unfortunately you can not do true battery operation with out access to this information.

I will consider your formal request to add the feature as that is what is expected of me. It is not a zero cost adder. You have to add a voltage divider consisting of two resistors as tying the muxout direct to the processor would blow it up.


Not true, there is no need for scaling resistors. It is scale internally already in the PMIC to match with AM335x A/D input range.

It is only if you use the extra MUX input that you need to be aware of scaling.

That is possible. I will check when I get around to considering adding it back in.