Reading my parameters from Uboot to Linux kernel


I need to pass a parameter from the U-boot to Linux kernel.
What I'm trying to pass to the kernel is the board id of my extension
board. Than if board id is present I will start the init of drivers
needed for my board.
The board version is stored as Uboot environment parameter, so passing
it from the U-boot seems like the best solution. I already found that
I can pass the parameters with function call setenv("buddy",
"myboardname"), but have no idea how and where to handle this in the
Kernel? Any help will be welcomed, in which file/function this is
done? Does anyone knows of any better way for doing this?


It's done in the same way for any more recent kernel.

Thanks a lot. I think that would do the job. Although it's
interesting, I was expecting to find this in board-omap3beagle.c file
as I have kernel 3.1 and 2.6.38 from rawboat, but this code exists on
other places :open_mouth: