Real Time projects on Beagle?

Hello, I am interested to learn more projects that have real-time use
cases on the Beaglebone or Beagleboard.

I'm going to give a talk in a few weeks about how people are using
Beagle in real-time projects:

I plan to talk about MachineKit, Bela and BeaglePilot, but I believe
there are many more I am missing.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


Drew, If it is of interest:

BeagleBone Control Stepper Motors with PRU

Regards, Jan

Thanks! That is nice series of blog posts about using the PRU.


There is BBB inside of this ‘bird’.

Thanks, that is an impressive video! Do you know if there is more
information about the project online?

It is a private project. I didn’t do any online post at my development time. It is BBB industrial board project, based on open source. BBB has HAT for PS control and HAT for sensors interface. All HW and SW are based on open source