Realtek RTL8188SU Wi-Fi adapter

Hi, I’m no expert. I followed a youtube video by Derek Molloy and sometimes I get wifi. He starts talking about the Edimax about 34 minutes into video. Skip everything before that.
Did you remember to ifup? for Ubuntu, sudo ifup wlan0.
He shows how to get sources from realtek, build and install. I will be trying that over the next few days because I need the wifi up all the time not just some times.


Same problems here… if someone could upload the latest driver already compiled would be very handy.

I have experienced this with the Beagle Board Black. What I discovered is the connection would come up after reboot, but not after a power off. This is because the real time clock is not battery backed and does not maintain the time on power off (it does through a reboot). When the time is too far off, a time stamp check fails when setting up the encryption for wifi. This doesn’t happen if the time is correct. NTP is typically running and will eventually correct the clock over the wired connection so things will start working, but this happens well after boot. All of this leads to strange behavior- i.e. it works, then doesn’t, then does. I am currently working on getting an external battery backed real time clock set up to correct his issues and will post on my blog when done. Hope this helps.