Reasign 1-wire pin

I created PCB for different sensors for BeagleBone. I used pin p8_3 for my 1-wire devices. When I connected everything I did not find my 1-wire device in /sys/bus/w1/device. I discovered that 1-wire devices are assigned to pin 8_6.
Hmm, problem, any idea how to assign 1-wire devices to pin p8_3 from p8_6. I can change my PCB design, but production of new boards will take time and money.
There must e a way to do it via software, most likely I will have to play with Kernel, if so how??

Thanks in advance

Hi Robert,

You need to recompile the Kernel. The pin is assigned to 1-wire gpio master driver in the device tree.

If you have the Beaglebone official Kernel git, look to files below for reference:

kernel/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/w1/w1-gpio.txt → document about 1-wire and devicetree
hacks/weathercape-dt.diff → a diff file for weathercape, it includes support for 1-wire and other sensors.

hacks/beboprcape-dt.diff → another cape diff that includes 1-wire support.

kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/am335x-bone.dts → bone configuration (the diffs above touch this file)

You can reassign the w1-gpio to match your cape and recompile the kernel.