Reboot diagnostic script

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem I am having with the BBB just locking up after powering up the unit. In an effort to narrow down the issue, I have created a new sd card with the following image: bone-debian-7.5-2014-05-14-2gb.img

I found a script that basically reboots the BBB every 60 seconds. I am seeing sometimes the unit just shuts down and doesn’t come back. The Blue power LED is lit but that’s it. For grins I issued a halt and when that is complete the blue power LED goes out. So sometimes after a reboot it gets into a zombie state with the power lite is lit, but nothing else.

Does anyone have any ideas on what nay be wrong?

Here is the link to the script I was using:


Use the new March 2015 release:



Any idea what is causing this ? I seem to recall some talk a long time ago about perhaps the PMIC is causing this. Our A5A’s exhibit this also, like once in 10 boots or so.

Hopefully, it is not related to the older kernels. . .

For random reboots, it's this fix:


That covers intentional reboots, where 1 in 10 the board just does not come up correctly ?

BTW, my “cure” for this has been “shutdown now -h”, and then manually powering the board back up. However, while it did help the problem drastically, it does not completely fix the problem.

I "think" we've nipped all of those... Combination u-boot/kernel
update and systemd *.conf files..


I “think” we’ve nipped all of those… Combination u-boot/kernel
update and systemd *.conf files…

Ouch ! See for one of the images I’ve built. We’re hoping to completely avoid systemd. As well as upgrading the kernel. Good luck to me on that eh ? Maybe I’ll just toss on a battery or something . . .

The systemd settings are for proper shutdown/etc.. You can sorta get
acpid to also do it..

It's just another situation, where systemd replaced a crappy tool.. :wink:


Yeah . . . thanks Robert. I’ll probably end up putting a battery on the board. Or wire up an msp430 as kind of a pseudo reset watchdog.