Reboot hangs with custom Image 4.4


The reboot command hangs in custom Image 4.4 after displaying “systemd-shutdown[1]: Rebooting.” whereas using 4.1 custom Image using Robert Nelson the system reboots successfully. I am using Debian 8.4. Could you let me know what could be the issue.

Following command are tried for rebooting:( both the below 2 commands fails in custom image 4.4)
sudo reboot

systemctl reboot --force

Log Display:
[ 45.605663] systemd-shutdown[1]: Rebooting. <— Hangs here in 4.4 Image
[ 45.611504] musb-hdrc remove, state 1
[ 45.616909] usb usb1: USB disconnect, device number 1
[ 45.622008] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 2
[ 45.632657] musb-hdrc USB bus 1 deregistered
[ 45.644024] reboot: Restarting system ← In 4.1 Image the log is displayed till here and reboots successfully


I have even tried the following commands without success for rebooting.

sudo systemctl poweroff