recommendation for m2m cellphone needed

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I'm using a beagleboard to download data from a Davis Instruments Weather station. Since this thing is sitting out in the field in all weather conditions, we would kind of like to know that it's working on a daily basis. My first attempt at communication was with a Telit 864 from Sparkfun. It worked fine for several months then just died. Since this is an obsolete product, I went with the SM5100 from Sparkfun as a replacement. This has never worked right (current problem is that the server isn't closing the connection when the client sends a disconnect and after sending the disconnect, the client goes into a state where it responds to all commands with a "command not supported" message). None of the forums I've found are helpful and the Spreadtrum support login in page is in Chinese which, to me, is a bad sign. So, with two down, has anyone gotten an m2m cellphone with embedded TCP/IP stack to work? That is, open a tcp socket, transmit data, close the socket and have the client and server be able to repeat the process. If so, please let me know which one.



why don’t you try Cinterion? It was Siemens products in the past. Very reliable, but don’t know about TCP capabilities.

2012/2/2 William J Rust <>

You can also try using dedicated 2G/3G m2m modules available for Beaglebone. Take a look at this