Recommendations for a 5GHz WiFi solution?

Yea I know this isn't really a beaglebone question but thought I would ask here first since we use beaglebone for prototyping.

My boss wanted me to conduct some 5GHz WiFi testing so my usually tp-link and TI wilink solutions are no good as they are 2.4GHz adapters only.

Anyone recommend any dual band or 5GHz only solutions that have decent Linux driver support?

USB or SDIO...


I've had a lot of luck with these in a 5Ghz only wifi network (2.4 was
swamped at that location)

But... they are getting harder to find now days. Most of those are
dual 2.4/5...


Make sure to check the model revision:

oem's like to build whatever chipset they get cheap..


Great! Thanks Robert, appreciate the recommendation.

-Jesse @ Gibson

As you noted it is hard to tell which ones use chipsets that support 5GHz so I order two D-Link DWA-160 and two TP-LINK TL-WN821N.

10-20$ each…

I’ll post back here when I get them and run some 5GHz tests…

So far as a wpa_supplicant client this one seems to be working for me:

Never did get hostapd working but moved on…