Recommendations for high-quality text rendering?

I'm writing an application for BeagleBoard that needs better text
rendering. I'm currently using Xlib, which works find for me except
that text rendering is poor, especially for scaled fonts.

I've been reading about things like Xft, Cairo, Pongo, GTK+ and Qt but
I'd like to get some suggestions before I claw my way up the wrong
learning curve. I'm basically just looking for something to replace
Xlib text rendering with something better, preferably with:

1. Wide portability, hence my use of X Windows.

2. Low overhead, so I'd like to avoid "toolkits" like GTK+, Qt, and

3. High performance, i.e., something that will be able to take
advantage of graphics accellaration some day.

4. C interface rather than C++.

Thank you for any suggestions.


Hello John,


Thank you for the quick reply. Looks like Cairo has good
documentation as well, including tutorials. I'll give it a try.

For international stuff, I just need Latin-1 for now. As long as I
can spell Ångström properly I'm happy :slight_smile: