Recommended board house?


based on your BBB experience, could you recommend the board house that will be able to manufacture the PCBs and assemble the boards built with similar specs as BBB, that is vias 18RD8, 4 or 5 mil tracks, and 4 mil spacing as required by the processor BGA layout? Most board houses that I can see on Internet do not seem capable of manufacturing such PCBs.

Thank you – Wojtek


You didn’t say what volumes you wanted.

If prototype quantities, that is, a one-time buy for less than 100 pieces,
then the following two houses have the capability to both manufacture the board and assemble and inspect the assembly.

Sierra Proto Express

Advanced Assembly

Of course, they charge for their services.

— Graham

There are two manufacturers of the BBB assembled boards.

Circuitco <> in Richardson, TX is the original and primary manufacturer. They are a full-service CM.

Element14 (Newark/Farnell) is also now manufacturing them in China. Don’t know which CM.

— Graham