Recommended Microphone

We are interested in the BeagleBoard-xM system. Can we utilize the
audio input for a microphone? Do you have a recommendation for a
microphone for this board?


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Just wondering if you found a microphone that would work with the beagleboard system? Starting to look at the pocketbeagle for the same.

There are lots of them that work. Just look for one that supports Linux.

Depends on what your objectives are…

- Ease of connectivity? Buy just about any USB microphone. Wire it
  up to the USB pins on the GPIO header (for PocketBeagle) or use one
  of the existing sockets (BeagleBoard/BeagleBone). Let ALSA's USB
  audio device deal with the software stuff.

- Audio fidelity? You'll want a I²S sound device to interface to the
  BeagleBoard/PocketBeagle that is supported by the ALSA SoC audio
  framework. Be prepared to build your own kernel and device tree
  overlays. Some microphone modules embed the I²S interface directly.

- Cost? Consider using one of the analogue inputs from the on-board
  ADC with an electret capsule. Once again, be prepared to do some code
  hacking as you'll need to write a driver to read from the ADC and pump
  that into the ALSA framework (either through userspace or via a kernel