recompile the Robert Nelson kernel


with the kernel source by Robert Nelson there come some really
handy scripts like and

I had copied the whole thing onto my beaglebone black and compiled
a kernel natively this night.

Now I only want to change (for testing purposes) some code and
recompile the kernel again without updateing/patching etc...
A simple recompilation of what I have.

I skimmed through and found a lot of additional
things to set,configure etc. before the compilation itsself is

What is "the correct way" to start a simple recompilation as mentioned
above...or there a script already which mananges this task (I did not
foudn one, though)...?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Just call it as:


It's a mirror of:

except, it doesn't call the git/patch sub-scripts.


Robert Nelson <> [14-09-03 18:08]: