recording audio not working on BBB deb 8.7?

Is there anyone to answer me?

I’m using beagle bone black and I want to use “Audio cape Rev B” for playing and recording audio.

I installed debian 8.7 image on BBB and changed the uEnv.txt and added proper entry in it to load the Audio cape.

Now, audio cape is loaded and i can play audio with aplay utility successfully. But recording is not working.

issuing arecord command results the below error message:

arecord: set_params:1297: Unable to install hw params

dmesg messages is as below:

davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: Too fast reference clock(24576000)
davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: stream has more channels (2) than are enabled in mcasp (0)
davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: Asoc: can’t set 48038000.mcasp hw params: -22

where is the source of the problem?