Recovering eMMc Data over JTAG?

Hi there,

I recently connected my beaglebone with reverse polarity 5v on the power jack.

The BBB is now unresponsive - no flashing user leds at startup - no ability to SSH over usb.

I have some work stored on the device - Is it possible to save this data from emmc if I buy a jtag debugger?

Thanks in advance.

If the board is blown and will not boot, the JTAG will not do you any good.

If you send it in for repair, assuming we can repair the board which we usually can, there is a good chance the eMMC is good and we can send it back to working. Just note that you want to keep the eMMC in the RMA request.


Hi Gerald,

I requested the RMA, should I get an email confirmation?

Yes as soon as the people get to work and can reply.


Ok I requested the RMA on Wednesday evening.

Let me check.


I still haven’t heard any news?

Still working this. Not getting any cooperation.