Recreating the demo image

I accidentally trashed my demonstration image of Angstrom and i'm
struggling to restore/reinstall it to the exactly same state as the
one shipped with BeagleBoard. I've tried to reinstall every one
package from
having the most success with Angstrom-systemd-image-eglibc-ipk-
v2012.01-core-beagleboard.rootfs.tar.bz2 (the 12MB one - other ones
halted during boot with a '/dev/misc/rtc file not found' or had no
internet and/or SSH by default). The problem with this distribution is
that by no means i can't install GNOME or any other GUI - probably
opkg doesn't have the right url's for package resources.

I'm testing out BB and Angstrom an i wanted to learn some stuff but i
can't find the image of a distribution my BeagleBoard shipped with.
Could You please let me know where the exactly same image is located
on the internet and where are the instructions regarding installing it
(if other than the ones from
-> How to Unpack and Boot the Demo Image )? I tried sooo many times
and there's alway something wrong with the package/image.

Not sure which BeagleBoard you have. But start here:


Gerald, thanks for the link - I’ve learned a few new things.

But I’ve got a Beagleboard-xM so none of the images are good for me.

But still i don’t know where to get the validation image shipped with Beagleboard-xM ?


2012/2/11 Gerald Coley <>

Ok, I’ve found it just after posting my previous message :slight_smile:

2012/2/11 <>

the software for beagleboard and beagleboardxm is exactly the same