Reflash only option?

Hello! I have BBB that I’ve somehow hosed the permissions on my home directory, so I can no longer log into it - when trying to ssh I’m getting a permission denied. This is an element14 unit with whatever Debian version that came with it installed. I (unwisely) never created another user account on the box. Is my only recourse at this point reflashing my BBB to a new image, or is there a back door of some sort that I can use to SSH into it, or at least mount the eMMC to see what’s there and try and fix without needing to reflash?

Thanks in advance!


There are a couple advanced ways, boot into single user mode, hack up
permissions on the mounted sd card...

Just reflash, it's painless and gets you back to the default state. :wink:


Or you could log in as root . . .

chown debian:users /home/debian

Then see if that works. If not, you can always backup the directory, remove the debian user, then recreate the debian user, and home directory. Something like this is a good reference for adding a new user.

reflashing the image will probably do the trick, but it teaches you nothing about debian administration / management . . . it would be good if you figure out what you did wrong, and correct it.