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I am trying to develop a very low power product and i needed some extra information about the TWL 4030 power management integrated circuit supporting the processor in the beagleboard. Can anybody provide me with some documentation of TWL 4030 like its hardware manual or something.

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The TWL4030 is actually under NDA and can only be accessed via an NDA. However, the catalog version of this part, which is identical, is called the TPS65950. I am not sure if the information has been released on the TI website or not. You can get access to whatever rinformation is there my getting a account through TI.

The beagle docuemtation wil be changed to reflect the use of the TPS65950 as soon as all information is out there, even though the actual parts on the board is labeled TWL4030.


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the info. I checked the TI website and logged in with my.TI
login, but there is no information about TPS 65950. It is also not in
the list of products which can be ordered as a sample. Could you let
me know if there is any other source from where I could get some info
abt TPS 65950 or TWL 4030.

Thanks a lot

Today, access to the TPS65950 technical reference manual requires an
NDA be executed with TI. This will eventually change. I recommend
you contact your local TI sales rep to request this documentation.

Thanks jason

I’m doing a design with the Omap3, and using the TPS65023 (instead of the TWL4030), which has ONLY the power section. Here is my design part that relates to the power section - you can try to use that, although it is still work-in-process, and might have mistakes.

b.t.w. if you find any mistakes, I would appreciate to know about them.

Harsha wrote:

sch_power.pdf (62.5 KB)


        I have Beagle board Rev B4 board. When i connect without SD/MMC card , I should get u-boot prompt which is there in NAND of board , but i am getting some zunk letters and it hangs. What could be the reson. Please help me out.
            Secindly i tryed with MMC formatting WIN#@ partions and copied MLO , u-boot.bin and uImage and tested acoording diagno which is in the site , but i am getting same problem . Can any one please help . Whether my MMC card problem or board problem.

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What is the size of your MMC card?

What tool did you use to format it with? If you used 'fdisk', can you
provide the information on cylinders/heads/sectors?

As an FYI the part number search on the main homepage is good for finding parts. If you search for the TPS65950 today you will find the below product folder.

As Jason mentions there is no documentation available here yet. However, if you view the above page there is an icon in the top right corner of the page where you can register for updates on this part with you're account. So you can get notified when the documentation does become available. In fact this feature is available for all TI parts so you can also register for updates on the OMAP35xx by visiting their product folders on


Thanks Yuli I will let you know if I find any mistakes.

Thanks a lot Jon

Just as a datapoint, the posted instructions did produce a recogonized
card for a 32M MMC. Going to a 2G SD card worked fine. Noticed it called
out a FAT32 format and I think FAT32 might not be too happy on the smaller

-- Hunyue