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I able to build angstrom-X11 image successfully. Keeping X11 image in MMC card, i got a X11 GUI on the LCD monitor.
To create a new userid,
I connected beagle board with USB mini and the other end to USB -self powered Hub.
To the hub key board and mouse are connected.
Now, external DC (5V ) powersupply has been connected to board to make U SB OTG as a host.
But the keyboard and mouse are not getting power.

I need a procedure to make USB OTG as host.

Thanks & Regards,

      I had same problem. I cut-opened the cable/Mini-A side and saw
that, in the mini-A side, pin 4 is left unconnected. I soldered it to
pin 5 [GND] and I was able to connect and detect a mouse. I also had
an issue with 2.0 USB hub [from entermultimedia, locally bought] which
didn't worked with beagle. I connected directly to the mouse.


Thanks pasenth.

is it right that connecting Pin 4 to GND is only needed to convince the
driver to work in USB host mode? IOW isn't it possible to add a mode
switching feature in software? In some Nokia kernel's for the N8x0 you
could echo "host" into a certain device file to change the mode.

Would be great to have this too for the Beagleboard.


pasenth schrieb:

Dear Group,

I have just bought a beagleboard and a 5v PSU. But the PSU outputs 5.21v no-load.

I wonder if I will kill my beagleboard if I connect them together???

Any ideas?


Phil Culverhouse

The specification says 5.2V. What is the output under a load? Is the supply regulated?


Dear Gerald,

yes its a proper regulated block with over voltage and current protection.

I guess its within spec then!



It should be OK. There will be voltage drop across the current sense resistor, so that will wipe out the .01 difference.