Regarding Ardupilot for the BeagleBone

Dear all,

I’m an Electronic and Telecommunication undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I’m really interested in Ardupilot for the BeagleBone project because currently I’m developing a quad copter for indoor navigation. I recognize the goals of Beagle pilot project. To success those goals I can contribute in this project very actively since I’m having many experiences in quad copters.

Let me explain what I have learnt up to now.

  • I’m using STM32F103RBT6 as the microcontroller (Cortex M-3 Core with maximum frequency 72 Mhz).

  • I use Keil Version 4 IDE to programme the microcontroller.

  • Handling interrupts in microcontroller

  • Sensor Interfacing

  • Reading PWM signal from receiver and generating PWM signal to ESC.

  • I2C and Serial communication with sensors ( accelerometer and sonar ).

  • Filtering methods (Low pass,High Pass,Median ang Kalman ).

  • PCB designing.

  • ESC programming and how it works.

  • Best mechanical structure for absorb vibrations.

  • Flight testing.

  • Control Systems and Algorithms.
    Let me explain what I have achieved

  • As the first step of the indoor navigation system, I was able to do vertical stabilization of quad copter(Altitude hold).
    In Arducopter they use two control loops for Altitude hold.One for acceleration and other one for change acceleration according to the height. But I used only one my own PID

loop for Altitude hold. It only use height to control the Throttle. Quad copter works well up to 4 to 5 fetes. For above that, due to tilting of the quad copter I have to add

accelerometer and gyro for angle calculation.

  • Removing noise coming from accelerometer and fusing it with gyro has been done to get accurate angles.(Using Low pass filter,Median filter,Kalman filter).


  • Horizontal stabilization using GPS,Laser,Sonar or Camera module.
  • Indoor navigation.
    I think I can contribute my knowledge to BeaglePilot project in a active way. I’m having many experiences with quad copter stabilization. Apart from this I have participated many Robot competitions in international and National level(in IRC 2013 and 2014 Organized by IIT Bombay, India) and have won them. I’m having strong background in Hardware level. I’m really interested in BeaglePilot project and I want to know are there any room for more students.

Thank you all.


Thanks for your introduction. Please let’s keep the discussion about BeaglePilot in a single thread (the other one created for this purpose).