Regarding Beagle Board Questions

Dear Sir,

Further to our telephonic conversation, I am sending you set of doubts that me and my colleague are having. It would be very kind of you if you can give us some time during which we can interact with you, either in person or on telephone. I am based in Bangalore so it would not be much problem of me to see you in person.

My set of questions are as below:

Q-1 Is there any support available for beagle board if designer’s want to make customized RTOS?
(a) For e.g. already written and tested start up files, tested code for UART & other peripheral access.
(b) How to program beagle board for performing single task (i.e. without any OS, just say blinking a LED)?

Q-2 What is debugging facility for Beagle Board?
(a) What is tool Chain required if we want to avail debugging facility?
(b) Are these tools available freely and if so can be you please point us them?

Q-3 Is there any free RTOS available that can be ported on Beagle Board?
(a) Will that RTOS have support for graphics language like OpenGL?

Q-4 If we port Ubuntu or any other Linux OS on beagle board how can we access DSP block? Is there any linux level abstraction to access DSP core on OMAP 3530 processor?

Sir, it would be very kind of you if you can answer my queries as we are about to begin our design phase soon. Please let me know your convenient time so that I can talk with you and get my doubt’s clarified.

I will be even posting same questions on Beagle Board Forum.

I hope to hear from you.

With best regards
Nandish Mehta
Dept of ECE,
IISc, Bangalore


Can you go through this should
answer most of your questions, we can discuss remaining as required.