Regarding Beagle Board


I am interested to buy this board, before I place an order can someone
clarify my doubts.

1. what would be overall price including everything?
2. Is there any All in One kit available such that WI-FI/touch
panel/debugger ? if yes then price?
3. Will you guys be giving all schematics for this board?
4. Any support ??
5. Software part? uboot/linux/apps? this would be provided?
6. Payments mode?
7. Any High end development kit avaiable?
8. Can I have a look of this into your office(Domlur)?

Looking forward to hear it soon so that I can buy it?

NOTE: I want to purchase this board ONLY for my learning and if I find
this one good I would like to see is there is any good embedded
systems training available.