Regarding BeagleBone Black Booting from emmc BootPartion with 4.5 Firmware

I do have a requirement to boot the Beagle Bone Black from the Boot Partition instead of the user level partitions.

i am using 3.14.31 version of the kernel from Robert Nelson, and also have the latest u-boot. Sorry for putting up the details, but here are my attempts to boot from emmc:

The RAW mode to emmc

Ensure we are able to talk with this mmc device

U-Boot # mmc rescan
U-Boot # tftp 81000000 am335x/MLO

Write to two of the backup locations ROM uses

U-Boot # mmc write 81000000 100 100
U-Boot # mmc write 81000000 200 100

Write U-Boot to the location set in the config

U-Boot # tftp 81000000 am335x/u-boot.img
U-Boot # mmc write 81000000 300 400

Load kernel and device tree into memory, perform export

U-Boot # tftp 81000000 am335x/uImage
U-Boot # run findfdt
U-Boot # tftp ${fdtaddr} am335x/${fdtfile}
U-Boot # run mmcargs
U-Boot # spl export fdt 81000000 – ${fdtaddr}

Write the updated device tree to MMC

U-Boot # mmc write ${fdtaddr} 80 80

Write the uImage to MMC

U-Boot # mmc write 81000000 900 2000

And also configured the emmc from u-boot using:
U-Boot # mmc bootbus 1 2 0 2
U-Boot # mmc partconf 1 1 1 0
U-Boot # mmc rst-function 1 1

And also tried throught kernel mmc-utils
PARTION_CONFIG with b111 value

Kindly let me know if somebody has attempted this before, or atleast some pointers regarding the same.