Regarding Cortex M3 PM

I had started working over my BBB and realized that my AM33XX integrates a Cortex-M3 core to manage the entry/exit of various standy-by and deep-sleep modes, i have some weird question regarding the same, please excuse me if i was wrong.

  1. Can we use this M3 for some other purpose also apart from just waking up and sleeping,as it has access for the GPIO’s (Vaibhav Bedia) from TI mentioned that in one of his seminar, but really did not explained about the same.

  2. Apart from TRM, can anybody point me to the direction where i can get a good hold the same.

I would take this opportunity to thank Robert Nelson for his incredible work and contribution to guide freshers like me…!!! :slight_smile:

It is not supported by TI for anything other than the power management functions it was designed to do…


IT E2E community might be helpfull