Regarding Ekiga on Beagleboard


I followed following steps to test Ekiga. I am using Angstrom build using openembedded

  1. Add ekiga as one of the application in task-beagleboard-demo in recipies/tasks/
  2. Build the beagleboard-demo-image using bitbake beagleboard-demo-image
  3. Booting the board with the card burnt using the rootfs and image generated using the OE build

Following are observations

  1. Ekiga gets launched. Configuration assistant is laded.
  2. The network settings are selected as LAN, with omap-beagleboard ALSA driver for sound support. Ekiga is also able to recognise the webcam
  3. Once I login, I am able to chat with other people using Ekiga. Once video is configured on the configuration assistant, the self video can be succesfully seen on Ekiga using webcam
  4. I am able to succesfully call to Echo test ( on the application. No call drop observed. however mic on board does not work and it is only a line-in input and ekiga displays message connected to
  5. I am also able to call to conference room ( No call drop observed either. I am able to see the self video being displayed in Ekiga app showing connected to
  6. When I get a call from other user, whatever I do, accept or reject a call gives segmentation fault.

I am not sure why the segmentation fault is coming when an external call is answered. If anyone else has tried Ekiga for call through beagleboard, that would be very much helpful, fi you can share your feedback in testing Ekiga. Any pointers on the same would be helpful in keeping me moving on the sameā€¦