regarding how to make beaglebone as a web server to turn on/off led onboard.

i wanted to turn on and off my onboard led by making beaglebone board only as a central server by making a php web page and turn on/off the led through that php web server so how can i made this and also how can i just turn the led on/ off through a smart phone, please be needful, i am literally stuck around this…

I don’t know php, but doing the same with Node.js is very simple. Simply search google for “beaglebone node.js gpio” for examples.


What it boils down to short and simple with Nodejs is Nodejs + express + filesystemWrite(). Then you just write 0 or 1 to the appropriate gpio sysfs file handle. From here you may / may not run into permissions “issues” but thats a separate subject. But to keep it simple, you put the user the Nodejs app runs as in the same group that has permissions for the sysfs pseudo files for gpio . … or you can run the Nodejs app as root, short term to test.

From an Android device, there’s wifi-direct, unless connecting by usb will do.