Regarding Lightning talks!

Hi All,

I am quite confused about the lightning talks schedule. I thought it is on wednesday ( 2pm UTC = 7am PDT, 9am CDT, 4pm Europe time). But see no activity on beagleboard-gsoc.

Hi there Pramod,

See Jason's mail from two days ago, the event has been scheduled to
next tuesday (29/06). I think the time is still the same, though.


Thanks Yaman. I don’t know how did I miss that.
Thanks for the info.

I think what Pramod is talking about is the Q&A we were going to have today at 3pm UTC on IRC. This was to resolve any issues anyone had regarding video or audio presentations, slides, uploading, etc. Looks like neither Jason nor I showed up, sorry about that!

If there is anyone who needs any assistance at all, please let me know. It sounds like most of you have things well in hand.