REGEN1 pin

Hi Sir,

I am designing a PCB using AM5728 processor with TPS659037 PMIC ,i have kept Beagle board X15 schematics as reference .
I have a doubt on REGEN1 pin. The datasheet of TPS659037 says the REGEN1 output is active high but it has been pulled up to 3.3V in the load switch (TPS22965DSG)side .Also the default output configuration(OTP) for REGEN1 output is push-pull.

So please suggest me how to design VDD_ON_3V3 line such that the TPS22965DSG should be ON so that i can configure PMIC for the required settings soon after i assemble the board.


You must use the REGEN1 pin as done on the schematic to guarantee the power sequencing. The design in the schematic works. If you want to create a new design and try something else, then you are certainly welcome to do so.