Reinstall/Restore Factory image, please help I've been trying for 3 days with bittersweet success

Hello, so I accidently messed up my factory installed Angstrom distro on my BBB by pressing the button near the uSD slot (with an Ubuntu Distro, which I’ve since then deleted).
I scoured the internet for ways to reinstall the OS, including different downloads of Angstrom, including what is on the CircuitCo website.
I finally found one that would kind of work. It’s this (bbb_angstrom_ga.img.xz) and it worked, kind of. Basically it would boot up slowly then when it was done it wouldn’t work properly, the ethernet wasn’t working at all and it when I connected it to my laptop it would show up but not SSH or HTTP(rebooting did not solve this). Also on the desktop in standalone mode two drives would show up, one called beaglebone and the other called angstrom. When on the original factory one, only one drive would show up.

If someone knows how to reset a BBB to factory condition completely that’ll be mighty helpful! I’ve been trying vigorously for 3 days with little sleep to get it back to how I bought it but to no solution.

Thanks once again,
any help is appreciated!

Did you look here? (The link on the little white card that came in the box)

Or here