Relay Alternative for a Low powered module on/off

I have an application that needs a XBee and another module to be turned on and off digitally via a BealgeboneBlack.

The Setup is 2 XBee’s and an application board is connected to the BealgeboneBlack’s UART and a GPIO for the power state . When the System is Powered ON I need 1 Xbee and the BealgeboneBlack to come on and do its routines. After the system gets a specific signal from the Xbee (wirelessly from a baseStation) the board has to turn on the other XBee and application board. And when the operation is over, the XBee and Board is to be powered back down.

I dont want to put them in sleep or low power state, just power both those devices off.

Was thinking of using a relay. But i cannot find a 3.3v 1A SMD Equivalent system. I am looking for a SMD type of footprint to go on a very compact board.

What options do i have?

The XBee needs around 1A Power and the Application board 500mA.

If you are using the regular and pro 2.4GHz XBee you don’t need anything close to 1A. The hardware pin sleep is so low power that turning it off makes little sense. Just my two cents from the guy who builds low power hacking drones.

Use a P-channel MOSFET (like IRLML6401)