Relay Cape Problem

I’ve just started testing the Relay Cape (CBB-Relay) and am having an issue with one of the relays. I used the device tree overlay provided by the manufacturer and it is loading fine. I can use Bonescript to turn the Relay K1 (P8_18) on and off just fine. When I try to do the same with Relay K2 (P9_27) I get a Bonescript error that appears to indicate that pin P9_27 is already in use. I have disabled HDMI and eMMC using uEnv.txt. I am executing the node.js program using root login. I am using a Rev C board with a 2A 5 VDC supply and running Debian build 3.8.13-bone69. Any idea what is using pin P9_27 and how I can free it up ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Tim,

I am having the same problem and was wondering if you have already found a solution for this? After lots of trying I ended up reverting the board to an old Angstrom 2013 version where it still works. (Angstrom Distribution (BeagleBone Black - 2GB eMMC) 2013-09-04) But now I have problems with wifi and the old cloud9 editor…