Release date

Is the release date for the X15 still looking like late February? I’m just hoping I can get my hands on one in time to use it for an upcoming project.

Also is there any time frame for getting full/more specs on the board?


I’m also super curious about this. Even just an idea of when we can pre-order (so we’re assured of getting early shipments) would be nice!

My impression was some kind of pre-production release in February of a small quantity of boards to trusted testers/developers and full production and general availability was mid year, plus or minus what happens with a brand new board design based on a brand new chip design.

— Graham

Looks like the release will be a while. Working out technical issue with Ti at the moment.

No firm release date has been set.


Can you elaborate on the problem, for educational purposes?

AM5728 EVM final validation from TI. Centers around the LCD module for the EVM.

We have another spin coming on the boards based on some of the findings…Just waiting for issues to be closed so we can to the next spin.


Thanks for the response. So it sounds like February is out of the question then. Would you be able to give us an indication if Graham’s timeline is ballpark correct? I’m hoping for a bit earlier as mid year doesn’t leave me much time to design and test daughter boards etc.


I would say early July at this point.


Any update on the release date?

Shooting for sometime in June at this point.


It’s been kind of quiet on the X15 front as of late. Is the June time frame still viable?

Also how/who can we get these from when they do come out. Are they being blasted out to all the regular channels, or have any of the regular distributors put in an order yet?

Would it be possible to get a mechanical drawing or something on the board dimensions, hole placement/spacing and connector placement/spacings for those of us interested in developing interface boards?

thanks and eagerly awaiting


June time frame is no longer viable. Right now TI is set the announce date for the processor for the end of September.

When they do come out you can buy them from whichever distributors decide to stock them. No distributors have placed any orders for the boards.

I may post something on mechanical, but that gets a little complicated. I will if I can and when I can. I may try to create a drawing just for that purpose. Not sure how much good it will do without the schematics. If you are interested, you can sign an NDA and get early access to that information.