Remote Seismometer Node for QCN| The Quake Catcher Network

hello everyone,

i loved the idea of making a precise seismometer for the worldwide earthquake catcher network which
has many active real time nodes presently in different continents to detect earthquake and its after
shocks for rescue and future research purposes.

i talked to on IRC and came up with some conclusions-

  1. not only the project will update the quake cather network servers with the data but also
    host a web server for controlling seismometer node remotely through internet

  2. it will not only show live plots on the web browser but will also give other
    temp, humidity, pressure data. along with options to configure the sensors remotely.

  3. I will not use bonescripts i2c terminal as it is found to be slow for real-time data

  4. A nice idea suggested by is the use of FFT transform to show live plots
    in frequency domain as well… (working on that one for now)

so the project will include working with -

  1. creating a node.js web server to communicate with the clients online request.
  2. creating html file with python graph plots to show the in the clients web browser.
  3. to work with the accelerometer- in high accuracy
  4. to integrate other sensors as well.
  5. send data to the quake catcher servers in the given specifications and format.
  6. Use FFT transform to show the graph plots in frequency domain as well to client in real time.

what are your views on it ?. What furthur can be added? … am I missing on something?
and other mentors as well…

Kartik Nighania

youtube video of the prototype

what it does-

uses bonescript and i2c to get the mpu readings.

webserver using javascript that hosts and html page for client to see data

uses floatcharts jquery library for plotting the data on the clients web browser

accessing the bbb remotely via internet (here on a local port)

I’m concerned there might not be enough on-going challenge to keep you engaged all summer. What new development is really still required and reusable by the largest audience?

very short video showing QCN network in action for rescue of earthquake victims

my complete code on GitHub

sry for my late response :slight_smile:

as in the video, the time axis is really really slow and not close to the readings to be used for research of earthquakes and its several aftershocks. Im planning for making a bit bang version of i2c using PRUs to do the task. also to make research grade readings, all imu internal and external sensors errors will be corrected by filters. Also making the node for the QCN server and highly customised pages including other sensors as well (humidity, temp, pressure) will take considerable time. so using and bonescript is avoided due to non-realtime nature which adds to the task a lot. Also im aware that this project is not focused for the general community but instead a project for real-time detection , rescue and research for earthquakes by supporting the QCN network.

eager to see your review on this. :slight_smile: