Replace single port usb with twin USB

Hi all, I want two cameras running on BBB, using custom OpenROV disk image and custom interface to Xbee wireless.
The camera images will be sent to be transmitted wirelessly long range. One camera will be standard web cam the other will be modified infra-red, again a standard webcam, maybe.
What is the best way to do this?
I think it would be cool to desolder the USB connecter and solder something like, but as I am not an electronics guy I dont know what I am missing.
Other options are:
Camera cape :; expensive, bulky to fit in container
External USB Hub: Messy, what about power over USB
TTL: missing

Any ideas???


There is only one USB interface on the processor. USB is a point to point interface.

The connector on the Jameco site is a dual USB connector supporting two separate independent USB interface. It will not work. The processor only has one USB interface,

The only way to do what you want is to use that messy hub. It is simple. Easy. And cheap.