replacement for StrawsonDesign Robotic Cape Installer

Just getting started with bb blue. Watched the Arrow Video on getting started. At end it directed me to github for StrawsonDesign "Robotics_Cape_Installer.
Unfortunately the video is two years old and that package is no longer there. Those files are supposed to be on the board as shipped but I cannot find them. Is there a replacement for the Strawson package, or can you help me find the replacement that is allegedly on my board?

The git repo got renamed..


got it. got librobotcontrol installed. Tried to run led.c. Would not compile and got message "

led.c:12:29: fatal error: rc/robotcontrol.h: No such file or directory
#include <rc/robotcontrol.h>
compilation terminated.
: recipe for target ‘led’ failed
make: *** [led] Error 1

I can see the led.h file in the directory above (in library/include/rc.
Do I need to do something to make these includes available to compiler. I am using cloud9.
Apologies for being an idiot. Just getting started. Thanks in advance.

Are you building this on a beaglebone or desktop?
I get missing .h files when doing it on a desktop (using cross compile tools)
building it on a Raspberry Pi, I get “build/cpu.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized” most likely because its not being build on the correct target.
Will have to find a bone to build it on.


Builds fine on a beaglebone black

image was build with poky from Jumpnowtek

Linux beaglebone 5.0.9-jumpnow #1 Sat Apr 27 20:56:21 UTC 2019 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

root@beaglebone:~/librobotcontrol# make all
made: build/led.o
made: build/start_stop.o
made: build/version.o
made: build/pru/encoder_pru.o
made: build/pru/pru.o
made: build/pru/servo.o
made: build/math/matrix.o
made: build/math/ring_buffer.o
made: build/math/vector.o
made: build/math/quaternion.o
made: build/math/polynomial.o
made: build/math/algebra_common.o
made: build/math/algebra.o
made: build/math/kalman.o
made: build/math/filter.o
made: build/math/other.o
made: build/model.o
made: build/pthread.o
made: build/mpu/mpu.o
made: build/pinmux.o
made: build/mavlink_udp.o
made: build/cpu.o
made: build/bmp/bmp.o
made: build/deprecated.o
made: build/motor.o
made: build/dsm.o
made: build/time.o
made: build/io/gpio.o
made: build/io/encoder_eqep.o
made: build/io/adc.o
made: build/io/i2c.o
made: build/io/pwm.o
made: build/io/spi.o
made: build/io/uart.o
made: build/encoder.o
made: build/button.o
Done making lib/
made: bin/rc_bind_dsm
made: bin/rc_test_servos
made: bin/rc_balance
made: bin/rc_test_algebra
made: bin/rc_test_filters
made: bin/rc_calibrate_accel
made: bin/rc_test_encoders
made: bin/rc_test_polynomial
made: bin/rc_test_dmp_tap
made: bin/rc_test_leds
made: bin/rc_test_mpu
made: bin/rc_test_adc
made: bin/rc_cpu
made: bin/rc_calibrate_gyro
made: bin/rc_test_motors
made: bin/rc_test_encoders_pru
made: bin/rc_benchmark_algebra
made: bin/rc_dsm_passthrough
made: bin/rc_test_kalman
made: bin/rc_test_escs
made: bin/rc_calibrate_escs
made: bin/rc_model
made: bin/rc_test_matrix
made: bin/rc_test_dmp
made: bin/rc_version
made: bin/rc_test_drivers
made: bin/rc_blink
made: bin/rc_test_bmp
made: bin/rc_test_encoders_eqep
made: bin/rc_altitude
made: bin/rc_check_battery
made: bin/rc_test_mavlink
made: bin/rc_test_pthread
made: bin/rc_test_complementary_filters
made: bin/rc_spi_loopback
made: bin/rc_calibrate_mag
made: bin/rc_calibrate_dsm
made: bin/rc_kill
made: bin/rc_test_vector
made: bin/rc_test_time
made: bin/rc_test_buttons
made: bin/rc_uart_loopback
made: bin/rc_test_dsm
made: bin/rc_battery_monitor
made: bin/rc_startup_routine