Replacing u-boot.bin on SD card

Hi all!

At the moment I'm trying to check my version of U-Boot on Beagleboard-
xM and I have a question: is there an easy way to replace u-boot.bin
on SD card? And should I build new SD card image using ""
script each time I need to check new version of u-boot.bin? For
example now I have the next error after writing clean image, replacing
u-boot with my version and restoring original version of u-boot:

Texas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.4ss (Aug 19 2010 - 02:49:27)
Beagle xM Rev A
Reading boot sector
u-boot.bin not found or blank nand contents - attempting serial
boot . . .
## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x80008000 at 115200 bps...


Right now it's pretty safe to just drop the latest u-boot.bin into
your fat partition of the sd card from

But just a heads up. When we migrated to u-boot 2010.03 from 2009.old
there was an issue as it did require a new x-load as the old 1.4.2
would not boot the new u-boot..

So always test with a serial port on local hardware...


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer. Basically I'm doing next steps:

1. On windows write beagleboard-validation-201008201549.img to the SD
card using Win32 Disk Imager;
2. Try on BB-xM that everything boots and works;
3. On windows make a backup copy of u-boot.bin from the SD card;
4. On windows delete u-boot.bin from the SD card;
5. On windows copy u-boot.bin back to the card from the backup copy
(step 3);

After step 5 I can't boot my BB. I didn't change any other files on
card, I just replaced u-boot.bin with its original copy. I know that
on previous revisions of BB MLO file should be copied first because of
a bug in the X-loader, but I was surprised that now usual replacement
of U-Boot image causes such problems with booting.

So if you say that it's safe to copy u-boot.bin to my SD card and BB
should boot I make a conclusion that something wrong with my usb SD
card-reader (or with me). :slight_smile:


Hi Max,

I ran into a similar problem after replacing u-boot.bin on a
BeagleBoard-xM. The problem, at least for me, was that u-boot.bin was
placed in the second sector of the FAT32 root directory which x-loader-
omap3 is unable to read. It's fairly straightforward to fix, and I've
put the patch on gitorious here:

which might be of some use to you. I think rebuilding the FAT32
partition and copying u-boot.bin on first should also work. Also this
bug does not happen if the boot partition is FAT16, so converting to
that should also fix it.