Reproducible System Crash using ubuntu-armhf 13.04

I’ve got a system crash that happens on my BeagleBone seemingly whenever I generate cpu loads > ~85%. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Here are the logs:

kmsg -
syslog -

Per syslog, and error emit,

 BUG: scheduling while atomic: kworker ...

it appears there’s a scheduling issue (possibly triggered only during high cpu use).

May want to check threads like:

and maybe even build that distro on your system so you can process the backtrace Or if Robert can spare a few cycles, he may be able to see where in the kernel code it is crashing…


idk.. there seems to be lots of issues of 13.04 locking up on full
load whereas 12.10/Wheezy seem fine..


Yeah I’ve run Wheezy loaded as close to 100% load as possible for a couple hours, not problems.