Request for Quote: Beagleboard Clone


My beagleboard has been great but I need some mods. I would like a board that:
* has HDMI which can handle being hotpluged and includes the audio signals
* has a software interface to CEC on the HDMI connector
* has a camera sensor interface connector
* has on-board ethernet
* has a resistive touchscreen controller

and reuses as much as possible from the original beagleboard design:
* uses OMAP
* has mic socket
* has speaker socket
* has LCD and touchscreen interface connector (combine the 2 headers into 1 FPC)
* has micro SD (just change the SD connector to this)
* has USB host
* has USB OTG
* has s-video out
* has high density expansion connector (for LEDs, 2 UARTs, etc)
* has RTC
* uses a 5V 2A supply

Anyone on the list know how much it would cost to design (schematic,
layout) and then manufacture (fab, assemble, QA) 100 of these boards?